Quinoa and marinated salmon salad

Ingredients: quinoa, marinated salmon (Norway), lemon, olive oil, chervil, cottage cheese with herbs (whole milk, cream, onions, stabilizer: E410, E407, acidifier: citric acid, flavour (contains celery), salt, corn starch, yeast extract, onions, rapeseed oil, natural fiber, garlic, bay leaf, parsley, basil, lime, spices, May contain traces of gluten, milk, mustard and soy.

Weight: 550ml

Discover our tasty quinoa and marinated salmon salad, an explosion of healthy flavours. Fluffy quinoa pairs harmoniously with herb-marinated salmon, crisp vegetables and a light lemon vinaigrette. A gourmet, balanced option to satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy a refined taste experience.



550 ml, 750 ml

Quinoa and marinated salmon salad